Our new KEENAN FILTERSĀ® are based on proven FilterBOSS technology. Redesigned manifolds within the filter housings, keep the interconnecting fuel passages internal, greatly reducing its overall size and allowed for improvements to the functionality of the filter.

  • All KEENAN FILTERS are available from 60 to 1500 GPH
  • Top loading fuel filter/water separators for easy element replacement and reduces or eliminates system bleeding
  • Internal separation stator and coalescing cone removes free water and contaminants from the fuel
  • Standard RacorĀ® elements remove fine contaminants and almost 100% of the water
  • The standard control panel warns for water or clogged filter detection. A warning LED will illuminate with an audible alarm when a fault is detected, allowing the use of a lower micron rated element ensuring cleaner fuel to the engine. The audible alarm can be muted for convenience
  • Quick system test for integrity (leaks) and operation prior to use or after maintenance is performed
  • New interface box design that connects to the remote control panel, and can also connect to a GSM device, adding mobile notification and control
  • Machined from high quality aluminum and stainless steel
  • To meet the ABYC, USCG and ISO standards, our marine systems incorporate a spill pan/heat shield

Single Fuel Filter Management System

MK60SP Premium Single Filter Fuel Management System with standard control panel LEARN MORE>

Dual Fuel Filter Management System

MK60DP Premium Dual Filter Fuel Management System. (Shown with optional KP 600 control panel) LEARN MORE>

Dual Fuel Filter Management System

MK240DP Dual Filter Fuel filtration management unit. (Shown with optional EFS remote switching) LEARN MORE>

Dual Fuel Filter Management System

MK1500DP-EFS Premium Dual Filter Fuel Management System. LEARN MORE>

Electric Filter Switch (EFS)

Remote location fuel filter switch and warning panel for manual or automatic switching of clogged filters LEARN MORE>

Connection Manifolds

Multitank connection manifolds used to centralize and simplify fuel line connections LEARN MORE>

Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)

Allows the operator to remotely monitor system LEARN MORE>

Water Detection Switch

Provide Remote warning if 5oz of water is detected in filter bowl LEARN MORE>

Custom Designed OEM Fuel Systems

Separate your yachts from the competition by factory installing a complete premium fuel management system. Keenan Filters can custom design a system for most OEM applications. Please contact us directly to discuss you project. Call For Details