Premium Keenan Diesel Fuel Filtration & Polishing Systems

Dirty Fuel is the Number One Reason for Diesel Engine Failure

Dirty Fuel is the number one reason for diesel engine failure. No matter if your motor is used for recreation or business, clean fuel delivery is crucial to smooth, safe engine operation. That’s where a comprehensive Keenan fuel management system comes in. Much more than a common fuel filter, Keenan offers the only completely integrated, full-feature fuel management systems available to ensure clean, dry, fuel delivery. From 30 to 3000 hp, if your motor uses diesel fuel, Keenan offers a model specifically engineered to fit your needs.

Keenan Exclusive Features:

  • Dual Filters for non-stop operation
  • Top loading filter elements for clean, easy replacement
  • Fuel polishing cleans stored fuel
  • Removes water before it destroys injectors
  • Exclusive internal fuel passages & fill pump for self-contained priming & servicing
  • Remote location EFS warning & control panel
  • Uses genuine, readily available RacorĀ® elements
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Fuel Filtration and Polishing In One

Your Fuel Systems Needs Routine Fuel Polishing Maintenance

bad diesel fuel

The Result of Ignoring Your Fuel System

No matter the engine size or use, contaminated fuel is the most common reason for motor shut down. Keenan’s advanced diesel fuel filtration systems offer two distinct ways to ensure clean fuel delivery. First, it removes impurities from the fuel that is being directly sent to the engineto keep it running smoothly. Second, the systems can also preform routine fuel “polishing” of stored fuel. This ensures the fuel in your tanks is moisture and contaminant free to help keep your entire fuel system healthy, including the often neglected lines and tanks.
  • Helps Keep Entire Fuel System Clean and Dry
  • Keenan Systems Use a Lower Micron Pre-filter for Even Cleaner Fuel
  • Can be Configured to Preform Routine Scheduled Fuel Polishing

Exclusive Remote Location Warning & Filter Switching Panel

Learn of Potential Problems and Switch to Clean Filter

All Keenan systems include a warning panel that can be placed in a remote location like a cockpit, wheelhouse or bridge. This alerts the operator to potential fuel system problems before they stop the engine. The panel and systems can also be equipped with optional Electronic Filter Switching (EFS) to allow for flick of the switch filter changing when a problem is detected. In marine use, this allows operators to stay on station to focus on the safety of the vessel.

  • Provides early warning of potential fuel system problems
  • Can be located in a cockpit, wheelhouse or bridge
  • Optional push button filter switching (EFS) available
  • Helps keep operators focus on vessel safety
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