Dual Filter Fuel System


Our new MK1500DP-EFS filter utilizes the Parker Racor Aquabloc 3D element that incorporates three media stages to remove impurities, emulsified water, and water droplets while increasing the service life by 50%. Using our new patent-pending design, WE CAN NOW REMOVE AND REPLACE THE OFFLINE FBO ELEMENT FROM THE TOP WHILE THE ENGINE IS IN OPERATION, this significantly reduces time, effort and clean up.

Our dual filter systems allow one filter to be online while the second is ready when needed. With a dedicated fill pump, we designed the filter manifolds with internal passages so the dirty offline filter can be swiftly replaced, primed and ready to go back online, all while the engine is operating. We also incorporate a second higher flow pump for engine priming, polishing and fuel transfer using the existing fuel lines.

Standard with our system comes a remote warning and control panel, This warns the operator when a problem is starting, can switch filters remotely (EFS system), or arm the system; so if a filter starts to clog or water is detected it will automatically switch filters. Designed into the center manifolds are the controls, sensors and electrical connections that communicate with a remote interface box. This makes it easy to configure the system for a stand alone operation or communicate with a remote monitoring system.

  • DUAL FILTER SYSTEM - Allows one filter online and the second ready when needed. - Replace the dirty filter without stopping the engine.
  • REMOVES EMULSIFIED WATER that damages the injector systems reducing cost.
  • ELIMINATES– Unscheduled maintenance and cost.
  • TOP LOADING– Simplifies element replacement and reduces or eliminates system bleeding.
  • FUEL POLISHING - Ensures clean fuel is supplied to the engine. - Reduces maintenance cost. - Allows the operator to polish the fuel quality during and after engine operation. - Gives the operator a solution to fuel contamination.
  • INTERNAL FUEL PASSAGES– This provides clean fuel to be ported into the offline filter for servicing or to assist in removing contaminants from the bottom of the filter housing.
  • ELECTRIC FILTER SWITCH (EFS) - Allows the operator to switch filters from the remote panel or can be armed to switch filters automatically when the filter starts to clog or water is detected.
  • REMOTE WARNING PANEL - Alerts the operator before fuel problems can affect engine operation.
  • ADVANCE WARNING – Allows the operator to use a lower micron pre-filter for cleaner engine fuel delivery.
  • EARLY CLOG FILTER AND WATER DETECTION – Water and contaminants are most often the reasons why diesel engines inad-vertently shut down.
  • FILL PUMP– Makes filter servicing and priming quick and efficient
  • SYSTEM TESTING - Allows the operator to test the system for indication and integrity before operation or after maintenance has been performed.
  • Uses genuine Racor® elements