Optimize Your Multihull Fuel System

Combine Your Dual Tank Fuel System Into One For Maximized Safety & Fuel System Management Options

If your multihull’s two fuel systems are isolated, you are not taking full advantage of having redundant fuel systems on board. Keenan’s fuel management systems combines your existing dual tank independent fuel system components into one flexible redundant system for enhanced safety, reliability and maintenance.

  • Dual fuel polishing and filtration keeps your motors running smoothly
  • Cross tank fuel transfer for complete system control & load balancing
  • Back-up fuel pressurization for safety
  • Fuel filter cleaning or replacement during engine operation
  • Operate both engines from one tank or operate one engine from both tanks
  • Either Dual or Single Filter Systems Available
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Upgraded Dual Tank Installation

Premium FilterBoss Fuel System Polishing & Filtration Control

  • Fuel Polishing – Ensures Clean Fuel To The Engines
  • Operational Filter Cleaning or Replacement – Clean or Change Filters Without Shutting Down The Engine with Dual Filter Systems Upgrade
  • Remote Warning – Alerts The Operator Before Problems Can Affect Engine Operation
  • Top Loading Filters – Reduces or Eliminates System Bleeding After Filter Changes
  • Back Up Fuel Pressure – In Case of Engine Fuel Pump Failure
  • Quick System Bleeding or Priming – Eliminates Messy and Difficult-to-Reach Bleeding at Engine
  • Lower Micron Pre-Filter – Provides Enhanced Engine Protection by Removing Smaller Contaminates
  • System Testing – The Operator Can Check The System Integrity & Operation At Anytime
  • Electric Filter Switch – Switch Filters From The Safety of the Helm
  • Unique Pressure Fill of Offline Filters – Allow You To Check for Leaks Without Starting Motor
  • Premium Fuel Filtration – All Keenan Systems use Commonly Available Genuine Racor® Filter Elements

The Problem With Isolated Tanks


Standard Multihull Installations Ignore Importent Cross-Feed Benefits

Typically, multihulls utilize completely independent engine systems with separate fuel tanks located within each hull. These isolated systems do not have the capability to cross-feed fuel or operate either engine from either tank if needed. This severely limits your options in the event of common fuel related engine failure.

Keenan Filter’s Dual Tank Multihull System connects your two independent tanks together allowing for cross-hull fuel transfer, redundant fuel polishing & filtering, and back-up fuel pressure capabilities in the case of primary fuel pump failure. This cross-feed style systems provides another significant layer fuel system management options for enhanced marine safety.

Upgraded Single Tank Installation

All The Upgraded Benefits Of A Dual Tank System

Multihulls with a single tank fuel system can also take advantage of the advanced Keenan filtration system by simply replacing the standard primary fuel filters with a single or dual filter MK60 Keenan Filter system.  This upgrade offers you all the same benefits as an upgraded dual fuel tank systems, because fuel transfer is not needed.