Maximize Your Monohulls Diesel Fuel System

Take Control With Complete Fuel System Management

A clogged primary filter is the most common problem a boat operator will experience when cruising and normally results with the engine shutting down without warning. This requires the operator to change out the dirty filter, prime and bleed the air out of the system. This can be a difficult task for even the most experienced operator.

Keenan Filter’s new fuel filtration system is designed to offer complete fuel system management capabilities in one compact package. More than just a basic fuel filter, the new Keenan Filter System combines all the tools necessary to insure clean, uncontaminated fuel delivery. It offers essential maintenance, diagnostic and repair functions to provide the user total control of their onboard fuel system no matter the fuel source or their location.

  • Fuel Polishing - Ensures Clean Fuel To The Engines
  • Operational Filter Cleaning or Replacement - Clean or Change Filters Without Shutting Down The Engine with Dual Filter Systems Upgrade
  • Remote Warning - Alerts The Operator Before Problems Can Affect Engine Operation
  • Top Loading Filters - Reduces or Eliminates System Bleeding After Filter Changes
  • Back Up Fuel Pressure - In Case of Engine Fuel Pump Failure
  • Quick System Bleeding or Priming - Eliminates Messy and Difficult-to-Reach Bleeding at Engine
  • Lower Micron Pre-Filter - Provides Enhanced Engine Protection by Removing Smaller Contaminates
  • System Testing - The Operator Can Check The System Integrity & Operation At The Dock
  • Exclusive Pressure Filling of Offline Filters- Allow You To Check for Leaks Without Starting Motor (MK60DP only)
  • Premium Fuel Filtration - All Keenan Systems use Commonly Available Genuine RacorĀ® Filter Elements
  • Either Dual or Single Filter Systems Available

Upgraded Monohull System Installation

Installing a Keenan Filter system will give the operator advance warning that the online filter is starting to clog or water is detected before it can affect the engine operation.

Available in either a dual or single filter configuration, the premium MK60DP dual filter system offers the additional advantage of allowing the operator to switch the dirty filter offline and bring a clean filter online without shutting down the engine. The dirty filter can be changed, primed and ready to be put back online without bleeding the system. In either system, the integrated pump is used for priming and back up engine fuel pressure, but it can be also used for preventative fuel polishing ensuring clean fuel delivery and keeping the contaminants from building in the tank.