About Keenan Filters

The KEENAN FILTERS System is the industries first and only complete diesel fuel management system with advanced digital monitoring using GSM technology.

This allows the operator to monitor the online filter warning system, activate automatic switching, schedule fuel polishing and other controls remotely from your mobile device so you can eliminate fuel problems while away and before they happen.

Installing a KEENAN FILTERS System gives you the confidence that your fuel system is working properly. The peace of mind knowing that when a fuel problem appears, you have the right equipment for the job, and don’t have to worry about engine surprises and downtime.

KEENAN FILTERS’ innovative design is the first and only deisel fuel management system that not only ensures clean fuel is supplied to the engine but it reduces maintenance cost, gives the operator a solution to fuel contamination and allows the operator to polish the fuel quality during and after fueling and prior to starting the engines(s).

The remote warning panel alerts the operator before fuel problems can affect engine operation. The panel can be installed anywhere, providing advanced warning so that a lower micron pre-filter can be used for cleaner engine fuel delivery, and is available with GSM notification.

The system allows the operator to test for integrity (leaks) and operation prior to use or after maintenance is performed.

Our top loading design provides quick filter element changes and reduces system bleeding. Fuel filter servicing is easier suing the “filter filler”.

Our patented, advanced engineered manifold saves space while the integrated fuel pump backs up the engine lift pump if it starts to fail.